Cost Modeling for Azure

  • Cost Modeling for On-Prem Workloads in Azure

    • Translating On-Prem VMs to Azure Templates

      If you are planning on migrating internal VMs to Azure then you have to first determine the closest equivalent template. After that typically you would fill out complex spreadsheets to calculate your operational costs in Azure.

      Akasia CloudView reduces your cost calculation to 2 simple steps and under a minute by automatically presenting the closest equivalent templates in Azure, and the costs associated with the templates.

      Akasia CloudView also calculates hidden cloud costs arising from IOPS and network bandwidth utilization that are typically free in-prem, but incur charges in Azure.

      View the ongoing costs of your existing VMs if they were to migrate to Microsoft Azure. Compare these costs to the ongoing costs of running the VMs in other clouds.

    • Adding Ancillary Azure Services

      Once you have calculated in-house VM to Azure costs, the next step is to add ancillary Azure services such as
      – OS
      – Storage
      – Firewalls
      – Load balancers
      – Monitoring
      – Backup
      – etc.

      Akasia CloudView shows you the Azure catalog conveniently within your cost management dashboard to allow you to perform thorough cost planning for your migration or DR to Azure.

    • Right-Sizing to Save Costs in Azure

      Not all resources allocated to a VM are typically utilized. Enterprises may choose to only migrate used capacity as opposed to allocated capacity and save 30-60% costs in the cloud.

      Akasia analyzes and displays allocated vs. used resources for each VM and allows the user to view Azue costs for allocated (1-1 mapping) and used (right-sized) resources.

      The screenshot shows the different templates and storage options selected for the VMs, and the savings from right-sizing per month.

    • Add Migration and Other Costs

      Step 3 is to add Cloud Migration Costs, administration costs and other costs to flesh out all the costs associated with migrating as well as operating your workloads in Azure.

      In the example here, the cloud migration costs are $17,000, cloud administration costs are $3000 per month and other costs are $150 per month.

    • Compare On-Prem and Azure Costs

      In the Summary page you can now compare the costs involved in running your workload on-premise, migrating it to Azure and running it in Azure fully allocated or right-sized.

      The onetime costs to migrate the 8 VMs to Microsoft Azure is $17,000. The monthly costs of running the 8 VMs in Azure is $10722.48. The in-prem costs of running the same 8 VMs is $6990.81.

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    • Download our Technical White Paper

      This white paper describes our plan for cloud and cost optimization methodology and also details a customer case study.

      Learn how you can measure the cost of running each workload for the purposes of:

      - optimizing the infrastructure to save costs

      - planning for migrations of workloads to other platforms/sites/clouds

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