Webinar recorded June 14th, 2018:

Comparing features and pricing of AWS and Azure.

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AWS or Azure? Which platform is right for your infrastructure.

Gautam Thockchom, CTO of Akasia Cloud, discusses the various reasons for choosing AWS or Azure as your infrastructure of choice.

This webinar is filled with insights gleaned from modeling hundreds of thousands of VMs for migration to the cloud. Whether you are planning for a lift & shift migration or refactoring to cloud native resources, AWS and Azure are attractive destinations.

Customers such as IBM, Cognizant, Conres, Chevron, MoneyMart, Apache, PaperClick, Havebury and many others use our products to perform proactive cloud planning and cloud assessments.

View this webinar to learn about the nuances of how AWS and Azure compare and how this should influence your migration decision.