Akasia was founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs who have deep experience in the enterprise and cloud space with experience from VMware, Sun Microsystems, CommVault and Unisys. Akasia is based out of Santa Clara, CA, and is funded by TiE LaunchPad.

In a market where every enterprise is planning for the public cloud, Akasia is quickly becoming the most popular cloud planning solution because of its unique ability to discover infrastructure and utilization and provide equivalent and right-sized cloud resources in minutes.

Akasia helps enterprises transition to the Cloud.  We provide solutions and services for planning and migration.  As enterprises consider transitioning to the cloud 3 fundamental questions need to be answered before they make the purchase decision:

  1. What cloud resources are needed to replace my current on-prem infrastructure?
  2. What would the cloud costs be if I migrated my on-prem infrastructure to the cloud?
  3. Should I lift & shift my on-prem infrastructure to the cloud or should I re-factor to cloud native resources?


With Akasia we can rapidly (in minutes to a few hours) provide the bill of materials and projected costs in AWS, Azure, Google, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and VMware Cloud on AWS should the customer decide to transition / migrate current on-prem infrastructure to the Cloud.  Our lightweight agent-less discovery tool collects on-prem infrastructure and utilization data, and uploads it to our SaaS modelling platform which in turn maps the on-prem data to equivalent as well as right-sized resources in the cloud and presents the Cloud Bill of Materials (BoM) and costs. Additionally you can model brand new cloud native or hybrid solutions and project BoM and Costs.



  • Simplified, accurate cloud transition planning – clarity on what is needed and how much it would cost based on real data, not based assumptions
  • Compare current on-prem cost  vs  costs in five different clouds in minutes
  • Fast decision making – avoid weeks of spreadsheet work with high probability of errors


BENEFITS FOR CLOUD OPERATORS,  System Integrators and  Consulting companies:

  • Rapid and granular RFP generation, with clear-picture-of-costs in early phase of project as a differentiator.   Most RFPs are structured to have 3-12 weeks of discovery and analysis before presenting projected Cloud costs.  With Akasia you can show a reduced discovery and analysis cycle giving you an edge
  • Reduce sales cycle from months to a few weeks
  • Reduce manual and potentially error-prone spreadsheet work for planning
  • Gain deep insights and into the customer(s) infrastructure  and business potential across customers, Account Managers etc.